Liquid Leather® Permanent Color Restore kit

Works on High Grade Genuine Leather and Leatherette/Vinyl

Repair & Recolor

This complete kit will fill damages, recolor worn areas and comes with a protective clear finish top coat to seal your repair.

Fix all damages with our Leather Filler:

  • Burn damages, Crack, Cut, Gouge, Hole, Peeling, Scratch, Snag, Split and Tear Repair Kit

Touch Up or Recolor Worn or Discolored Leather with our Liquid Leather Color Dye:

  • 7 colors- use color straight or intermix to achieve 99% of all colors and shades. was designed by us and is based on our 7 dye colors. You can intermix the colors to achieve a custom color.

Clear Finish/Top Coat

  • Rejuvenating Top Coat, Clear Finish and Sealer for all Leather & Vinyl

Skill Level: Easy

Time Needed:

Less than 20 minutes to apply.

Air Dry Formula- Advanced Polymer

Normal dry time: Do not touch for 24 hours

Result: Finished repairs are soft and flexible. Will feel like and look like genuine leather.

Made in the USA by the Original Liquid Leather® company