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These pages are for information only, and are intended for use by repair technicians, manufacturers, importers and retailers. All products can be used on upholstery leather in cars, clothing and furniture.

Gliptone developed a range of mostly water-based repair materials in the early 90’s for classic cars and Fraylings Ltd. Our aim was to produce a system that was safe, simple, effective with no Health and Safety or storage issues and requiring the minimum of tooling – in fact the main tool needed is a hair dryer to speed up drying times. The dyes also required a built-in sealant so that leather articles could be touched in on a production line without slowing the line down.

Since then we have introduced a complete range of products to cover all aspects of repair, and we supply all the major companies involved in this field including furniture manufacturers in many countries, car seat manufactures and even international passenger airlines.

The list of products and information below does not include prices – please email or post your address details to us and we will be happy to post an up-to-date price list to you.


GT12 Intensive Cleaner
A thick, concentrated water-based cleaner containing glycerine used for cleaning very dirty, neglected leather, pre-softening it as it cleans. Not for pure Aniline.

GT15 Gentle Cleaner
A clear, watery cleaner for cleaning before a repair or for regular maintenance leather cleaning. Very quick, effective and safe. Not to be used on pure Aniline.

GT15.5 Foam Cleaner
Water-based pump-action foam cleaner for Semi-Aniline, Wax Pull-Up, Suede and Nubuck. Apply foam to soiled area, leave no more than 10 seconds and lightly wipe off in one direction. Not effective on badly soiled areas.

GT16 Textile & Leather Protector 
GT16 Textile & Leather Protector is a Scotchgard-type surface protector giving protection against spillages and dirt on specialist leathers such as suede, nubuck and aniline, allowing time to wipe off.

Large push-up ink remover, like a large Pritt stick in size. Very effective on fresh ink, it will remove older ink but requires more time. Massaging the product into the ink with a finger will speed up effectiveness. Use only on sealed leathers. Does not remove top coat dyes.


GT11 Leather Conditioner
A water based cream with traditional leather aroma, soaks in immediately, no polishing off, softens leather very quickly leaving it smelling of leather. 250ml, 1 litre and 5 litres.

GT13 Conditioner with Repellent / GT13.5 Protection Cream
These two products are basically GT11 Leather Conditioner with a Florochemical added – 10% for GT13 Conditioner with Repellent and 5% for GT13.5 Protection Cream. These give water, oil and dirt repelling qualities to leather. GT13 is for leather subjected to rain such as motorcycle and fashion leather clothing and old cars with no roof. GT13.5 is for Semi Aniline upholstery.

GT17 Wax Pull-up Revivor
This product is a very effective, watery cream that cleans and restores waxed anilines and even removes or reduces scratches.

Please Note: We do not offer repair or cleaning materials for pure aniline leather. Experience has shown us that successful repairs are very difficult to achieve and that most attempts make the damage worse. An old aniline suite can be dyed with Flexicote dye which will change it to a sealed leather, however it will lose its “soft” feel after dying.

Boxed Leathercare Retail Kits

Gliptone produce two sizes of kits. We have supplied leathercare products/kits to World of Leather, Courts, Kingsway Interiors, Land of Leather, Furnitureland, CO-OP, Fraylings and Pendragon – all own branded.

Kits are available for corrected grain, semi aniline and wax pull-up. We also have a fabric kit.

Corrected Grain Kit: 500ml Cleaner, 250ml Conditioner, Inkstick, Cotton cloth and instructions.

Semi Aniline Kit: 500ml Cleaner, 250ml Protection Cream, Two cloths and instructions.

Wax Pull-Up Kit: 500ml cleaner, 250ml Wax Pull-up Revivor, Towelling Cloth, Cotton Cloth and instructions.

Air Fresheners

Most leather is now chrome tanned which means that the traditional smell we all associate with leather is finished. We have produced two air fresheners – al leather-scented aroma pad and a smaller standard size air freshener. Both are very long lasting and give off the evocative smell of the finest English leather. They must not be likened to conventional auto air fresheners – our small air freshener will last a minimum of six months whilst the large under seat aroma pad (nearly 6 inches square) will last more than a year.

Use these to add value to cars and suites – place them around a showroom to make customers feel assured that you are selling real leather or put them inside new or used cars and customers will immediately be hit by the real smell of leather when they open the door.

These cards contain no solvents and will not harm leather, vinyl, plastic, wood or metal trim.


GT14 Safety Solvent Cleaner
A low odour, mild solvent that will effortlessly remove dye transfer, especially when newly transferred, without damaging the leather’s protective sealant or removing colour. It will also remove fresh ink, grease and oil marks plus carbon from motorcycle leathers.

GT18 Leather Degreasant and Fabric Cleaner
a mild solvent which removes glue, make-up, light hair and skin oils and grease from leather and fabrics prior to colouring. It should always be used before re-colouring leather to prepare a grease-free surface.

GT19 Stripping Solvent 
A strong solvent that removes top coat sealants and top colour dyes plus hair grease from pigmented leather. Use gloves and mask.

GT20 Hair and Hand Grease Remover 
Strong smelling solvent gel that draws out human and pet skin and hair oils from leather. Apply the gel to the grease stain and it will dry to a powder within one minute, then vacuum or brush off. It will not remove colour from sealed leather but WILL on aniline leathers.

GT24 Silicone & Resin Remover
A solvent-based cleaner that removes silicone, grease and oil from vinyl in preparation for re-colouring. It should be applied to a soft cloth and gently rubbed with a circular motion paying attention to the stitching and joint seams.

Glues and Fillers

Structural Contact Adhesive
Standard adhesive for general gluing. Apply to both sides of damage, leave to dry then fix together. Gluing a patch underneath is advisable.

Dutch Glue
Very strong glue for areas under stress, expensive, but very effective. Use as above.

Aquafil Filler
Putty-type filler that is flexible.

Dutch Filler
Liquid filler for areas that stretch, can be used for filling in cracks although not advisable.

Leather Grain Reproduction

After filling in damage, the grain of the leather may need to be impressed into the filler, the products below allow you to reproduce any grain finish with a re-usable latex mould which has the grain in reverse.

Graining Mat with Additive, Mixing Nozzles and Dispenser Gun
This is a twin tube system, one tube contains liquid latex the other a “hardener”, when installed in the gun and fitted with a special “curly whirly” nozzle, both mix together at the correct rate as the descend the tube, apply to the area next to the damage, dry with hair dryer and peel off, an impression of the leather grain in reverse is in the latex, use this latex to put the leather grain into your filler.

Leather Dyes

Gliptone produce two types of dyes – SCUFFmaster for touch-ups and re-colouring large areas on leather in good to reasonable condition and Flexicote for re-colouring old badly worn and cracked leather.

SCUFFmaster Dyes
SCUFFmaster dyes are water-based, concentrated dyes designed to be diluted with tap water although they can be used undiluted if necessary. No sealant is required, however, if the repair is to an area that is subject to heavy wear or the household has young children and/or pets, a sealant will give it further protection. SCUFFmaster dyes are available in any finish from deep matt to high gloss – we can mix colours for you or you can mix them yourself. SCUFFmaster dyes have a long shelf-life of 3-4 years if undiluted and not allowed to freeze.

We can mix dyes for you in 65ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litre bottles. Please refer to the Colour Mixing page for more details.

It is possible to increase or decrease the shine of the finish by adding either GT21 Gloss Enhancer or GT22 Matt Enhancerto the last application of dye.

Self Mix Starter Pack
We use 17 base pigments to produce any colour a customer wants us to mix, and these pigments are available to purchase as a Pigment Starter Pack. It consists of 16 pigments in 65ml bottles plus a 17th bottle of white supplied as 250ml. Some of these colours you will use daily, others less often. Order larger bottles of the pigments when you know which you use most. Standard Starter Pack is in matt finish but we also do them in gloss. Please specify “gloss” when ordering.

Flexicote Dyes
Flexicote was developed for leather that was subject to moisture and staining in elderly people’s homes and hospitals, plus old cars with badly cracked leather where a re-trim is not an economical proposition. Flexicote dyes contain double the standard pigment rate, so they are also ideal for colour changing. The Flexicote dye remains sticky and stretchy even when dry so a top coat sealant MUST be applied. Once Flexicote is dry, it’s very difficult to remove. Leather cannot be conditioned afterwards, so conditioning beforehand is important if the leather has to last many years. You must order either matt or gloss water-based sealants for use on Flexicote, or both, to mix together for any finish. Liquid Leather aerosol sealants are used by some technicians and do work on Flexicote. Please note that Flexicote dye has a shelf life of about 6 weeks.


We offer two forms of top coat sealants, water-based and spirit-based aerosols.

As mentioned above, SCUFFmaster dyes do not need a sealant, however, alot of warranty repairs are due to some design shapes causing premature colour wear. Applying a sealant to the dyes will help extend the life of your repair.

Water-Based Sealants
Water-based sealants are sold in gloss (GT1 Top Coat T1 Gloss Sealant) or matt (GT3 Top Coat T3 Extra Matt Sealant) form and can be mixed together to obtain any finish you require.

Aerosol Sealants
Our Aerosol Leather Sealants are the most convenient to use because they dry quicker. They are available in Deep Matt, Matt, Satin, Gloss and High Gloss finishes. We have recently had these produced with less “solvent odour” but we recommend that our Arco Goggles and 3M Face Masks are still worn when using these these aerosols.


This product is aimed at solving problems with leather where the original manufacturer’s colour comes off easily and so does your repair. This can be on piping and cushions. GT23 Precoat Leather Dye Foundation is a water-based solution that “melts” the original factory sealant and turning it slightly sticky which allows our SCUFFmaster dye to bond with better adhesion. Adding 10% Precoat to SCUFFmaster dye increases adhesion even more. Finish off with our Leather Sealant Lacquer aerosol.

Leather and Vinyl Welding

This system originated in the repairing of commercial and pub vinyl seating, but now has been modified to work on leather. The system involves a weld resin, a non-stick heat transferring sheet and heat iron, plus backing fabric for adding strength and a solvent to remove excess. The system is mainly used for large damage like rips and tares.

First the damage is secured by gluing a piece of our Leather & Vinyl Weld Backing Fabric to the back of the leather/vinyl. The fabric we supply is quite firm, so if you want some softer, put some in the washing machine. Being a stiff fabric it can be easily managed during fitting and unlike a mesh, it does not show through from underneath. When your repair in glued in place, apply a little resin into the gap, place the Teflon sheet over it and use the steaming iron (which has adjustable heat settings). The heat will cure the resin in seconds. Any excess resin can be removed with the solvent giving a smooth feather edge. Finally apply filler onto your resin repair, then use our Graining Mat with Additive to recreate an impression of the grain, followed by dye and sealant if necessary.

Dye Spraying Equipment

Our dyes can be applied by many methods but spraying is widely used by repair technicians. We stock three systems.

Mouth-Operated Defuser
These are L-shaped tubes – one end of the tube is in the dye and the other in your mouth. A good blow down the mouthpiece will cause a vacuum at the joint of the L and the result is that the dye will be sucked up the lower tube and sprayed out. These are for small localised repairs. We have a fine and thick defuser.

Aerosol-Powered Hobby Spray Gun
This consists of a ¼ pint glass jar onto which an aerosol power unit is screwed. Press the button on the aerosol and it sprays. The spray pattern can be controlled by spraying through a hole cut in a sheet of cardboard. An initial order for a Hobby Spray Gun comes with two aerosol power units and extra propellants can be ordered when needed. Follow instructions on the box.

Air Brush
Small hobby type airbrush that requires compressor power. Similar to a Badger-type air brush, our air brush has a detachable clip on the bottle. This has the advantage over the Badger and others in the fact that these small airbrushes have a habit of falling over when placed down, resulting in a leak of dye which can cause damage to furnishings. Our airbrush solves this problem.

Colour Mixing Service

Colour mixing can be the major time factor in a repair, especially if you have many calls to make and traffic/distance is against you. We offer to mix colours for you, either from showroom sales swatches or off the suite. Some calls require just an inspection/report, then an approval at a later date. We advise taking a sample then, so that when approval is given you can send the sample to us stating the size of bottle required. We will mix the dye, write any reference on the label and stick the sample to the label. Please read our Colour Mixing page for details on the best sample sizes for colour matching. Many companies are trying to rectify faults on a “one call” basis, so cannot post a sample. For this we recommend ordering a colour from a sales swatch and take the colour with you, however some suites vary from the swatch, so use our Pigment Starter Pack to adjust it on site. It takes only a couple of minutes to do and the job can be completed much quicker.

Our 65ml SCUFFmaster bottle of concentrated dye will re-spray one base cushion, so it should do several small repairs – a much cheaper option to the time spent mixing on site.

Leather Technician Referral Service
We offer a “introduction” service where we supply private customers with the contact details of a leather technician who works in their area – this is a complimentary service to both the customer and technician/auto trimmer/restorer. To be included on our referral list, we need to have supplied you on a regular basis for at least six months and are of the opinion that you have the experience to carry out the work.

Training Courses in Cosmetic Leather Repairs

We run training courses in leather repairs on the first Monday of most months. It covers scratches, scuffs, cuts, rips, cigarette burns, cleaning and spraying on all leathers except anilines. There is a short talk on colour mixing for the last hour. The course runs from 8.30am to 5pm. Our trainer is an independent customer who has vast experience and does repairs for a living and often works 7 days a week, we even send him abroad to train customers. He comes across all manner of damage, leathers and customer situations. We find this training system invaluable because he experiences the same conditions and stresses you might and he will offer advice on this. Each trainee is supplied with a full repair kit which they take away with them.

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