Please browse through a few testimonials we have received from our customers:

Good day. Colours, container seals and speed of dispatch/receipt were absolutely spot on… Kudos!

Pedro Matos – 4th April 2016

Amanda has insisted I send these over as I’ve just showed them my transformed watch.

As you can see my watch was in a bag state (wore it a lot when I was given it a 21 years old!) it was my favourite watch so I brought it in where Adam made it as a dye to sample and I went home to touch it up myself.

I can’t believe how much it’s restored, I am so happy :)

Louise – February 2016

Just to say a big thankyou to you.

My lovely new mini has satellite grey leather seats and I inadvertantly transferred the dye from my jeans to the leather.

In vain I tried to remove the stain with various cleaners, to no avail.

My partner, Dave, searched you on google and I ordered your scuff repair.

After a few experiments getting the right shade mixed, my car seat is now like new!!

Fantastic product!!


Patricia – February 2016

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your kit dye worked wonders on my Audi TT’s worn out leather. I would gladly recommend your kit.

Xavier – 18th November 2013

Just like to say thank you! We have just finished doing our suite and my wife and I are very happy with the outcome. We have half a bottle left for the next time!
Both sofas and the reclining chair are 25 yrs old and with the use of your product they look new!

Alex – November 2015

Please see attached photo of my 40 year old leather aircraft seats, one is before cleaning and application of Scuffmaster and one after. What GREAT products you have….

David Roseblade – 11th October 2014

Thank you for offering such a GREAT product! You have officially been “bookmarked” for the future!

Haywood M Smith – 5th November 2013

I recently purchased your 250ml feather grey dye. I was unsure I needed the product but I used Scuffmaster and all I can say is “BRILLIANT”.

Alan Purser – 14th October 2013

I recently ordered your largest Scuffmaster Kit for my 2007 Bentley GTC with magnolia interior and I wanted to say how pleased I am with your products. Prior to buying I thought I may need to recolour the interior of my car but, after following the instructions in the kit and using the GT12 and GT11 to clean and condition my interior I no longer believe I need to do the recolour. The results have been absolutely outstanding!! My car’s interior looks new and the creases that marred the appearance are almost invisible.
I like your products so much I am currently ordering more of the GT12, as well as the GT11. Thank you so much for a truly wonderful product and great sales support.

Dr. J.C. Barton – 3rd October 2013

Your Scuffmaster kit worked excellent and the colour match is brilliant. You can’t even spot the repaired areas on the ten year old car seats. Fantastic!

Michael – 24th July 2013

Every once in a while I run across a product that does everything that I hoped it would and more. Take a bow for a job well done!

Vern Herr – USA – 16th July 2013

I am over the moon with the results and how easy it was to get a professional finish from what looked like knackered, cracked and dry leather to beautiful, soft rich leather with smooth colour and feel.

Tom Graham – 28th June 2013

Your customer service puts most others to shame and it’s most refreshing!

Mike Round – 23rd March 2013

Just finished renovating our tired and abused leather suite. The results are outstanding and we have an almost new looking suite. Your products are brilliant and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them.

Ian Donn – 18th March 2013

The colour was spot on, made a tricky job a lot easier.

Sean – 7th March 2013

Thank you for your efficient reply and delivery of the Gliptone leather dye. I am really pleased with the results and will tell all my family and friends about your products.

Marianne – 2nd February 2013

The arm pads and cushions have coloured beautifully. I am delighted with the results. The colour was perfect and the various stages to achieve the best results were easy to follow.

Brenda Nimmo – 15th December 2012

Thank you for your speedy response. I have used the leather dye today and I must say, at the moment, I am delighted! The color match is perfect, and even if it wears off after a few weeks it is so easy to apply it will be no problem. I am so pleased I found your website. Thanks again.

Peter Frost – 5th September 2012

I just wanted to write and say how impressed I am with this product. In less than 2 hours every single leather panel on my Aston Martin Vantage looks almost like new. Rub marks on the driver’s seat, fingernail scratches around the ignition switch, handbrake and various other places around the dash area as well as a host of small marks where something has caught the leather have virtually vanished. Fantastic, I wish I had discovered your product years ago. 

Steve – 3rd August 2012

Just a quick note to thank you for the Scuffmaster kit for my Skoda Superb. Firstly, the match was absolutely perfect out of the bottle! Application is so easy and the cracks on the bolster on the drivers seat and arm rest have totally disappeared and after cleaning and conditioning all the seats, they now look like new. Oh, and that smell – wonderful! Your products are amazing!

Rob Smith – 24th July 2012

Excellent colour match, the arms on my leather sofa now look brand new! Thank you so much, an excellent service and I will definitely be using you again in the future.

Sue Grant – July 2012

Colour is perfect, cleaner worked brilliantly! Would definitely recommend your products, worth every penny! Thanks!

Matt Gilmore – June 2012

I am extremely impressed with the scuff kits we’ve ordered from you. I would not hesitate to recommend your products!

Alex – May 2012

I have just purchased your colour restoration kit for my Mercedes Cab CLK 2003. I am absolutely shock at the amazing results it has given me! My car seat looks brand new!

Steve Knight – May 2012

Just a note to say I treated my drivers seat in my Jaguar XKR and the result is nothing short of stunning!

Peter Twigg – February 2012

I’ve just done cleaning the leather in my 2010 Mercedes ML 350. Wow, what a product. I don’t think it looked that good when it was new!

Rick Staples – February 2012

I bought your Scuffmaster and the gentle cleaner for a 95 XJS with regatta blue leather. I wasn’t expecting miracles but I cannot stress how good the product is. The leather areas look and smell brand new!

Chris Baker – January 2012

Just got round to treating the sofa over the weekend; it looks 100 times better!

Nichol Riggott – January 2012

Your product is without question one of the best I’ve come across. Thank you so much for producing such an amazing product. Nothing can beat this stuff, simple as that!

Jonathan Yarwood – December 2011

Since trying Liquid Leather products on my classic cars I simply don’t want to try another brand. From the GT12 to the GT11 to the Scuffmaster kits, everything works wonderfully!

Nuno Caldeira – Portugal – December 2011

It is rare to find a product that actually lives up to it’s billing. Your air fresheners are such a product. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of air freshener products available on the US automotive market. Most of it is absolute garbage. I am glad to have found you folks! I have since recommended your product to several friends and family who now love your products as well.

Eric Powell – USA – November 2011

Your package has arrived and the job is already done. I could not be more happy. It is perfect!

Nuno Pontes – November 2011

I used the Scuffmaster product on my Saab today and the results are amazing, the seats had not been looked after and looked tired, dirty, and creased – bascially scruffy. I never thought they would come up like that – they look like new! Thank you!! What an amazing product!!

Eric Powell – USA – November 2011

Your package has arrived and the job is already done. I could not be more happy. It is perfect!

Dan Chilton – November 2011

I just used the 250ml bottle of Scuffmaster on my BMW cream leather seats and it now looks like brand new leather. I can not express enough how good this stuff is. Couldn’t look better if I had bought new seats. Thanks very much! 

Gary Coole – October 2011

I am very pleased with the outcome of your products!

Andrea Antonelli – Italy – July 2011

I have to say the conditioner has made such an amazing difference compared to everything else I have used!

Graham Lewis – July 2011

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your company. The help and advice I have received to redo my 1986 BMW leather seats has been spot on. That’s not to mention how fantastic the products are. My seats now look brand new. Thank you!

Gavin Johnson

I have used the dye kit from you and my cars interior looks awesome. The shipping to South Africa didn’t even take that long. You guys are great!

Halgard Fischat

My seats now look and smell great now – great product and excellent service!

Gavin Gall

I recently bought your Scuffmaster for my 2002 BMW E46 and I’m very impressed with the overall results!

Ricky Davidson

I bought a 250ml bottle which I used on the badly damaged and cracked front seats – these now look 100% better and almost like new! The dye has done a great job of covering the cracks and wear.

Pete Marsh

I bought the Scuffmaster for the grey seats in my Alfa Romeo. Just a note to say how pleased I am with the product. It brought new life to my tired seats.

George Falls

We have used your Scuffmaster on a badly scuffed leather suite and it has worked brilliantly, unbelievable. We are so pleased!

Kelvin Rhodes

I wanted to express my satisfaction with Gliptone Scuffmaster, which I ordered and received last week. I was on my way to buying an expensive new leather steering wheel and gear knob for my Peugeot 406 TS4 but your product has made both look like new!I am very impressed and it has saved me a lot of money. Thank you

Johan Ronlev – Denmark

I’d just like to express how happy I was with my recent purchase of your leather recolouring kit (BMW Dark Grey) which has returned my damaged drivers side bolster on my Mini Cooper S to an as new condition. Thank you.

Richard Teale

I bought some leather conditioner from you recently and was very impressed! This is a superior product to anything that is sold in car shops etc. I will be ordering more and spreading the word!

Mark Black – Denmark

I purchased one of your Scuffmaster kits to treat the wear on the front seats of my Audi S2 Coupe and was so pleased with the results that I thought I would drop you a line to say thanks.The product was very easy to use and the colour was a perfect match. I’d have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Martin Smith

I received my liquid leather air freshener today. Oh my gosh! Other people sell “leather” air fresheners that do NOT smell like leather. Yours most definately does! I will be ordering many more!

Lavonne LaFleur

I purchased a dye kit for my wife’s Audi last year and was really happy with the results. Now I am going to need some dye for my 1997 BMW 740i!

Hywel Jones

Received the cleaner, dye, and conditioner kit on Friday. Did a little repair and colour washed the front seats this weekend and they look pratically new.You did great!

James Allen Taylor

I would like to thank you for your excellent products and services. This is the second time I have bought products from your company and would not hesitate in recommending yourselves in the future. Once again, many thanks!

Andrew Tate

I can hardly begin to describe how pleased I am with the results, the finish was startling in its perfection!I’m so glad I found your products.

Ian McKellar

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