Colour Mixing

We are very proud of our colour-mixing service and have built up the world’s largest bank of genuine car leather colours and furniture leather colours. All the colours are matched to either the manufacturers’ original samples or samples sent in by customers. There are no colours mixed from Pantone cards or manufacturers’ copies marketed by trim shops. Our dyes are used by international furniture and car seat manufacturers, airlines and retailers’ service technicians, upholsterers and car and marine trimmers around the world.

We supply bottles of 65ml for small touch-ups, 250ml for the front of two average car seats OR five cushions, 500ml for the equivalent of the front of four seats OR 10 cushions, and one litre for a whole car, including door panels OR an entire furniture suite.

Car and Motorbike Colour Bank

We stock hundreds of car leather colours dating back as far as the 1930s. With some colours, we have a limited stock which once sold out cannot be replaced without a further sample being supplied. All our car leather colours are copied from genuine samples sent in by customers or to the manufacturers’ original samples.

When ordering SCUFFmaster dyes, it is important that you supply as much information as possible to ensure that we are sending you the correct colour dye that you need. When ordering fill in as much of the information as possible including the car manufacturer, model and year, colour and if you have it the manufacturer’s colour name and code. All this information will help us build up an accurate match. Look for the code on the identification plate in the engine bay, it should say ‘TRIM’.

We stock car leather colours for the following car and motorbike leather manufacturers dating back to the 1930s:
Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bentley (RR), BKS, BMW, Bristol, Citroen, Connolly, Daimler, Fiat, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lancia, Landrover, Lotus, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Morgan, Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, SAAB, Skoda, Southbound Letherwerks, Toyota, UK Hide Co.,Vanden Plas, Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Wolseley.

For old cars with black upholstery we send out our standard black. SCUFFmaster 65ml kits do have toners and gloss enhancer so it can be altered to blend in to an original faded seat. Larger bottles do not come with toners or gloss enhancer but GT21 Gloss Enhancer can be ordered with a bottle of any colour dye to add shine to the finish.

Furniture Colour Bank

We stock thousands of colour-matched leather furniture colours which we supply to furniture manufacturers, repairers and retailers. These are available to anyone and will enable you to colour in scratches, scuffs, creases, cracks and wear or larger areas with our bigger bottles. All our leather furniture colours are mixed from the manufacturers’ sales swatches but these can vary slightly from your suite as the leather may well have faded over time with use. Our 65ml SCUFFmaster leather touch-up kit includes colour toners to allow for fading and a gloss enhancer to alter the shine of the finish as leather also becomes shinier with use.

Ordering SCUFFmaster Colour Dye

When ordering a SCUFFmaster dye from our shop, use the Colour Bank selector to find your chosen manufacturer, year, colour and code (for cars) OR the manufacturer, range, colour and code (for furniture). If you cannot find the colour or are unsure of the colour you need, we advise that you call or email us to check if we stock the colour, and if we don’t have it in stock, you will need to post us a sample in order for us to mix the colour specially.


We are able to mix car leather colours and leather furniture colours. swatch-sample-image We have a team of Colour Technicians who can match the colour of any sample given to them. We use spectrophotometers to scan in samples providing us with a formula for our comprehensive database and dispensers to mix whilst providing a certificate of conformity. Our Delta-E readings of 0.3 exceed industry standards of 0.5 dE. Please ensure that the sample size is at least the minimum illustrated opposite. The sample should also be clean and not covered in glue or contaminated with previous colour testing attempts.

Where to find good car samples
There are many places to look for a good sized sample of leather or vinyl from a car. For example under the rear base seat, if not from the seat itself, look at the base of the side panels that are hidden by the seat. If an estate, there is generally a plastic trim covering the joint between the carpet and leather at the top of the rear seat. Fold the seat down, unscrew the plastic trim and there should be a long piece of hidden leather you can cut off and send to us. Many customers send us a headrest and if you send this, the colour copy will be virtually 100% perfect. Only post by recorded post and we will return by a secure method. It is important that you supply the car make, model and year. A trim code will also help us build up more information for other customers and for you if you need more dye in the future. Look for the code on the identification plate in the engine bay, it will say “TRIM”.

Where to find good furniture samples
Samples for furniture are easier as they can easily be obtained from under a settee or chair. It is important to provide us with the manufacturer, model, leather colour swatch name and/or colour code if possible.

Please send samples to:

Gliptone Leathercare Ltd
Unit 29, Hunt End Industrial Estate
Dunlop Road
B97 5XP
United Kingdom

Please enclose a filled out Car sample form or a Furniture sample form.

If you are posting part of the car like a headrest or small trim panel, send it by Recorded Post and we shall return it by the same or a similar secure method charging you the same as it cost you to post it to us.

We do not recommend that you send photographs in the post or email as it is impossible to achieve a match due to light reflection. Also, please do not email more than two photographs (ideally less than 60kb each) if requesting an opinion because of download times.


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