Recolouring Leather

Recolour Leather with SCUFFMaster

Leather recolouring can be very rewarding and is a very important factor in restoring leather to its original best. Our GLiptone SCUFFmaster dyes will give fantastic results as long as a number of important processes are followed. These will help the team at Liquid Leather maximise the chance of achieving the desired result and finish.

Firstly, clean the leather using GT12 Intensive Cleaner with a finger nail brush. This cleaner is very thick and contains glycerine, which softens as it cleans and also impregnates the important stitching with a lubricant.

When you are happy with the cleaning, apply GT11 Leather Conditioner to soften the leather further (you needn’t wait for the leather to dry). If the leather is very dry and old, spend time applying further coats over several days until it’s very soft as this is very important for a long lasting finish. Clean the leather again but lightly with the GT12 Intensive Cleaner to remove any residue of conditioner and leave to dry thoroughly. Then wipe over all the leather and vinyl (if you are colouring the vinyl) with GT18 Leather Degreasant & Fabric Cleaner, paying particular attention to the creases and stitching. Leave for about 30 minutes to dry off or speed it up with a hair dryer.

With all preparations now being complete and thoroughly dry, the colour dye can now be applied. Gliptone SCUFFMaster dyes are water-based and have a built in sealant. They must be kept from freezing otherwise the adhesion will be ruined. Dilute the dyes with water if necessary and always filter the dye before spraying. Firstly rub undiluted dye by hand into the worn areas and creases, rubbing it in well and leave it to dry. Apply the main coats by either dabbing with a sponge, painting with a brush or spraying with a mouth-operated defuser or spray gun. Even a mini-roller can be used for large flat areas. Always apply three or four thin coats and build up the colour. Applying the dye in one or two thick coats will mean the colour will not dry true. Clean all apparatus with warm water.


If we are mixing colours for you, we strongly recommend that you also purchase a Starter Pigment Kit. This contains the 17 different pigments we use to make up 95% of the most common car leather colours and leather furniture colours that we provide. You will need these pigments to adjust our mixes, as often the samples provided are from a hidden area and not faded or soiled and our mix may not be 100% correct. All leather when new has a matt finish and all our dyes are supplied matt unless your sample is gloss. GT21 Gloss Enhancer can, however, be mixed with your last application of dye to give a shinier finish. It is a bit trial and error to obtain the required shine. You are in control of the finish, but don’t over do it as the leather will go shiny with use anyway.

Some pigments in dyes are prone to separate and settle to the bottom of the bottle. We suggest that you store your colours in the boxes we use to post them to you and mark the outside with the colour range inside (blues, greens etc). Rotate the boxes every few days to keep them mixed.

11th May 2015

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