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To many people, leather is just leather and there is no difference between the leather used for a jacket, a furniture suite, leather sofa or a car seat. This however, is definitely not the case. Liquid leather made by Gliptone have decades of experience in leather care products and supply and advice professionals and consumers alike.

The thickness of leather is an obvious difference as it effects the flexibility. Leather seating used to be made of thick, hard leathers, but now seating manufacturers are using thinner leathers to give a softer, more sumptuous luxury feeling. Car seats have to withstand vast differences in temperature whereby a leather car seat has to perform well for as many years in Alaska as it does in Dubai. A leather sofa or leather chair on the other hand doesn’t, so the leathers are prepared differently. Over time leather care seats, leather furniture and leather handbags all suffer from the same problems.

In this section you will find information and advice on different aspects of leather care including advise on the products suitable to repair leather sofa’s, repair leather car seats, leather handbags and much more. If you cannot find what you are looking for or would like further advice then please contact us we have a knowledgeable team of individuals always on hand to assist. We also run courses on leather car – please view our home page for the latest dates.

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