SCUFFmaster Dyes

SCUFFmaster Dyes

SCUFFmaster dyes are water-based leather dyes which are easy to apply and safe to use. They require no separate top coat sealant, are permanent and will not transfer to wet or dry clothing. They are used by international furniture and car seat manufacturers, airlines and retailers' service technicians, upholsterers, car and marine trimmers within the UK and around the world.

Use SCUFFmaster dyes to repair scratches, minor cuts, scuffs, colour rub off, creases and cracks. SCUFFmaster colour dyes are matched to either the manufacturers original samples or samples sent in by customers. Our small 65ml SCUFFmaster Leather Touch-Up kits include small bottles of toner to alter the tint of the main colour. All colours are supplied in a matt form, however GT21 Gloss Enhancer can be purchased to give a shine to the final finish if required.

To read more about our colour-mixing service please click here.

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