AutoMate Essentials

AutoMate Essentials

AutoMate Essentials provide you with those vital products that work to keep your vehicle running at its peak performance for longer. AutoMate Essentials are non-flammable, which makes them well-suited to keeping handy in the boot of your car so they’re right where you need them, when you need them.

For engine coolant and antifreeze needs, AutoMate Red OAT Anti-freeze and Coolant is an Ethylene Glycol-based formula, which is ready to use in most engines. This engine coolant is created using Organic Acid Technology, and also contains a bittering agent, which prevents accidental ingestion by animals and children.

AutoMate DOT 4 Brake & Clutch Synthetic provides consistent and reliable performance, even when subjected to extreme heat and cold conditions. Developed with a non-petroleum based formula, this DOT 4 clutch and brake fluid is suitable for almost all common brake and clutch systems (including ABS models).



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