AutoMate Accessories

AutoMate’s line of car cleaning accessories provide all the tools you need to make cleaning your car as easy as possible, as well as helping to provide a professional finish on your car’s surfaces.

Our Microfibre Cloths are developed to wick moisture away from your car’s paintwork, and the ultra-soft texture ensures that you don’t scratch or damage your car’s surfaces while cleaning and polishing.

The AutoMate Tyre Dressing Applicator is made up of two different types of sponge, and is constructed in a shape that is ideal for providing a nice, even finish to your car’s tyres without spreading the tyre dressing onto the wheel rim or your hands.

We also offer two different styles of AutoMate bags to store your favourite car cleaning products, or anything else that you might want to use them for. Our handy Drawstring Storage Bags are light and durable, and the double drawstrings make it so they can be used as a rucksack/backpack. The AutoMate Limited Edition Bag is a stylish and durable shoulder bag/satchel with a large zipped compartment that can be used for storing all of your AutoMate car-car products, documents, laptops, gym kits or anything else you desire.

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