Car Bodywork Products

Car Bodywork Products

AutoMate Bodywork products provide a complete bodywork solution that works against contaminants and pollutants, which increasingly affect today’s water based vehicle paints. The AutoMate Bodywork products have been carefully formulated to work in unison with each other, but also perform well when used individually. Whether you need car shampoo, car wax or interior cleaners AutoMate has everything to clean your car.

Our AutoMate Bodywork Shampoo ingredients are carefully selected to produce a high-quality and supremely effective car shampoo formula, even on the most delicate clear coat surfaces. AutoMate Bodywork Shampoo also helps to repel contaminants, making your car easier to wash in the future.

To create the ultimate finish, either one of AutoMate’s car wax products are ideal. The Rapid Spray Wax is a quick and easy way to shine and protect your car’s bodywork, while the High Gloss Wax is ideal for a deeper car wax treatment, with a special blend of carnauba wax and polymers to create a deep shine on your vehicle’s bodywork. AutoMate Colour Refresh Polish contains mild abrasives that work to refresh the colour of your car’s paintwork without scratching.

Regardless of which AutoMate Bodywork product you use, you can be sure that you are giving your car the ultimate bodywork treatment. Our automotive bodywork products are all carefully developed, tried and tested to ensure that the resulting formula is of the highest caliber.

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