Leather Care Kits

Leather Care Kits

For your convenience, we have put together a range of special car leather kits, furniture leather kits, handbag leather kits, which contain all the products required to care for your leather car seats/roofs, furniture, handbags and many other leather items. Our products can act as a leather care seat cleaner, leather care conditioner and replenisher. These kits provide exceptional value, as by ordering one of these leather care kits, you can make savings of up to 15% as opposed to purchasing the products individually. 

Our Liquidleather Car Care Kit is always in demand, as it includes everything you need to clean and protect the leather seats and surfaces in your car, and with a £20 Car Gift Box option, our kits make a great gifts for Christmas, birthday, anniversary and father/mothers day gifts and more. Leather cleaning and maintenance has never been so easy.

Our Export Clean and Condition Kit offers outstanding value and contains both an intensive leather cleaner and a gentle leather cleaner, along with leather conditioner and leather cleaning/conditioning accessories.

We have a range of leather Touch-up Kits and Leather Repair Kits. These kits are perfect for repairing and re-touching leather areas as they contain everything you need to restore your leather to like-new condition while providing savings.

For all your leather furniture needs, we have a comprehensive Furniture Repair Kit that will make your leather furniture clean and healthy with our leather furniture cleaners and leather furniture conditioners.

For your beloved leather handbags, we offer a Handbag Care Kit for only £10, which will not only clean your leather handbags, but will also protect the leather from the harsh environments that leather handbags are often subjected to. Great for preserving your favourite bag and ensuring designer handbags stay looking new to retain their value.

Our leather care kits page is continually evolving so please keep checking back.

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