Flexicote Dyes

Flexicote Dyes

Many owners have leather that should be replaced, but sometimes a car's value makes it simply uneconomical. Or perhaps a piece of furniture has a sentimental value or is so rare it is difficult to replace.

Liquid Leather developed Flexicote dyes for worn out and badly cracked leathers. Developed for complete panel recolouring rather than localised repairs, Flexicote is very flexible and stretchy, and carries twice the normal strength of the pigments in our standard dyes.

Flexicote provides great coverage and also makes it ideal for changing the colour of the leather. Flexicote's, flexibility, ensures that when it is applied to badly cracked leather, the pigment resists cracking (but there are limits). Flexicote needs a sealant applying over the dye to provide the dry finish.

Customers also use Flexicote when repairing cushions that suffer very hard wear and abuse. In addition, Flexicote works very well to restore areas where leather is discoloured or worn due to pets or people with incontinence problems.

We strongly advise that the leather is conditioned thoroughly before using Flexicote, because the leather is likely to have become hard due either to wear, neglect or water damage.

For intensive leather repair, especially when repairing cracked leather, Flexicote Dyes are the perfect choice. Rejuvenating even the most distressed leather, Flexicote dyes are the preferred choice of many professionals in leather care and leather restoration.

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