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Scuffmaster | Leather Colours | Leather Dyes

Scuff Master

Leather gets accidentally damaged, it wears, creases and cracks appear, unsightly scuffs, scratches and rubbing wear all catch your eye every day, a Liquid Leather 65ml Scuffmaster colour dye kit will cover these marks and conceal them

Scuff Master Leather Dyes

ScuffMaster dyes are water based “new generation” leather dyes which are easy to apply, safe to use and transport. They require no separate top coat sealant, are permanent and will not transfer to wet or dry clothing. They are used by international furniture and car seat manufacturers, airlines and retailer’s service technicians, upholsterers, car and marine trimmers within the UK and around the world.

The standard boxed Scuffmaster kit contains 65ml of concentrated dye, which, when diluted with water will colour in all the creases and cracks on a large car, or re-colour one base car seat. All our colours are mixed to the manufacturer’s original new leather. But leather fades and to combat this problem, a 65ml Scuffmaster kit contains 2 x 5ml colour toners. By adding tiny amounts of a toner, you can tint the main colour to allow for this fading/discolouring. Leather can also become shiny with use. A 5ml gloss enhancer is also included in the kit, complete with 2 foam applicators and an instruction card. Additional instructions are included in our mail order packages. This 65ml kit is ideal for re-colouring leather steering wheels.

Larger individual bottles of Scuffmaster leather dyes can be purchased for re-colouring larger areas. 250ml, will re-colour the front of 2 average seats, 500ml for the front of 4 seats and a litre for a whole car, including door panels. A Rolls-Royce in poor condition may need a litre and a half of dye.

These bottles are available on there own or in a Re-Colouring Kit which contains all the preparation materials you will need to produce a long lasting durable finish. We strongly advise that the leather is prepared correctly before the dye is applied. We also offer a Hobby Spray Gun, this is a simple tool which is a quarter pint glass jar onto which an aerosol power unit attaches. Pour filtered diluted dye into the jar, press the aerosol top and it sprays.

Please click on the following link to view our Scuffmaster Dye CoSH data sheet.

Click here to read more about Re-Colouring

TO REPAIR SCRATCHES AND MINOR CUTS: Use Scuff Master Kit, concentrated and toner if necessary, fill the scratch with dye using a tooth pick or split match, wipe off excess dye from the sides of the scratch, allow to dry, then "colour wash" if necessary (described below)

COLOUR RUB OFF AND SCUFFS: Apply Scuff Master Dye,  neat after toning and dab onto the damaged area with the foam provided, repeat if necessary, then "colour wash" to blend in.

CREASES AND CRACKS: We do NOT want to fill in the cracks with dye as this will form a wedge and increase the damage. We need to recolour the brown or grey leather that shows within the cracks. Clean the leather thoroughly with GT12, wipe out residue with a wet cloth and leave to thoroughly dry. Dilute Scuff Master with 10% water and rub into cracks, leave from 60 seconds to a couple of minutes (dependent on hot conditions) and wipe off with a damp cloth: this process we call "COLOUR WASHING", the dye will remain in the cracks but come off the good leather.

Leave all repairs 24 hours before conditioning with GT11. Water based Scuff Master does not attack stitching, does not dry out leather and does not smell of cellulose thinners.

'ScuffMaster Colourwash" is a treatment NOT a product, to carry out a "colourwash treatment" you should order 1 x GT12, 1 x GT11 and 1 x Scuffmaster kit'

If you are certain you know your leather colour name and it is listed on our Auto Colour Bank page then choose a size from the list below.


Before ordering any Scuffmaster product for use on car upholstery, please first check our Auto Colour Bank page (click here) to ensure that your car and colour is listed. Then enter your car's Manufacturer, Model, Year of Manufacture and Leather Colour Name in the box below.

If ordering Scuffmaster for use on furniture, please enter your furniture's Maker's Name, Swatch Name, Colour Code and Colour Name in the box below, click here to see our Furniture Colour Bank

To send us a sample please state this in the box below and also give us details of the car or furniture from which the sample is taken.

Post your sample along with a completed sample form to
Gliptone Leathercare, Unit 29, Hunt End Industrial Estate, Dunlop Road, Redditch, B97 5XP, U.K.

Click here to download the Furniture sample form
Click here to download the Car sample form

Scuff Master


Even though our systems are extremely simply and do not need any previous experiance to provide a professional result, some customers may want someone to do the work for them, so we offer a free contact service.

Gliptone supplies dozens of leather technicians who should be able to rectify your leather problem if you feel that you cannot do it yourself. They are independant companies and businesses situated in most parts of the UK many are prepared to repair/renovate leather articles for our customers, they are not franchisees, they pay us no fees or refferal/commission charges, therefore they should be able to offer competitive prices, but may charge a call out or inspection fee.

If you would like one of them to contact you, please click here.


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