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Liquid Leather Reviews

Beware Copy Cat Fakes, Immitations and Trading Off

WARNING. Copy Cat products.

"LIQUID LEATHER" is the registered brand name belonging to Gliptone Leathercare UK Ltd and over the last 18 years the brand has gained a enviable reputation for being extremely effective and good value for money.

But during the last two years we have detected other products using our trade name, some deliberate fakes, others foreign brands with the same name being advertised on the internet in this country and a UK company illegally using our brand name to entice customers to their internet site.

One company, namely Furniture Clinic, continually uses our registered trade name in links to direct customers to their site, and has done so again in 2011, despite repeated requests to cease this practice, we consider this a violation of our registered trade name and very poor business practice, perhaps a sign of despiration. We have no associations or connections with this company.

FAKES. We detected two "Liquid Leather" fakers, they did remove their products from sale. If you find or suspect a fake being advertised on the internet, we would like to hear from you.

FOREIGN BRANDS. There is an American product called "Liquid Leather Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit" and "Liquid Leather touch-up pen" advertised on Amazon and other sites which have very poor reviews [see Google; Liquid Leather Reviews], this product and the company that makes it has no connection with ourselves and our products. If you view this product on a website, the prices could be in sterling or in US Dollars and "colour" spelt as "color". This product should not be available for sale in the UK under our protected brand name. If you have purchased this from a UK based company, we would like to hear from you.

Chemical Guys which is an American car care company also market a product called "Liquid Leather" this is also not the same as the Gliptone "Liquid Leather". We asked it to be removed from UK sale, and it was, but if you see it advertised again for sale in the UK, please let us know.

TRADING OFF. Another UK leathercare company users our brand name in a sponsored link to entice unsuspecting customers to their site, we have asked them to remove it, which they did for a while, but then reinstated this link.

"Liquid Leather", "Leather Preserve" and "Scuffmaster" are all registered brand names belonging to Gliptone Leathercare UK Ltd, we protect our brand names and will take legal action against anyone or company that uses them to promote any immitation products.

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