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Leather Creams, Balms, and Touch-Up Pens

Leather Creams, Balms, and Touch-Up Pens Aren't the Solution:

Because leather is very popular, a huge selection of repair/restoration products are available on the internet, leather wipes were everywhere, these were the answer to looking after leather, customers were disappointed with their performance and now they are rarely bought, “touch-up” pens are sold as the easy way to repair damage, but they have limitations, now it’s coloured leather creams and balms.

These are advertised as being the best way to restore your leather, however in magazine tests they seem to gain the comments of only “an improvement” They are not the solution.

One company now quotes a feature carried out by a classic car magazine, namely Classic Car Mart, their balm gave an “improvement” to the interior of a 1960’s Daimler V8, however Gliptone Scuffmaster dye was in the same test, the magazine recommended Scuffmaster as being the best product to repair all the types of wear and damage on the Daimler’s leather.

Scuffmaster dye kits are more than an improvement, they are the SOLUTION.

Below are the advantages and limitations of each product.

Touch-up pens:

1. These are generally available in 3-4 shades of a particular colour, as there are dozens of shades of leather out there, no pen is likely to match your suite, so your touch-up repair will stand out.

3. They cannot fill in scratches, scuffs or cuts, you may have coloured them in, but they are still visible.

4. They offer no way of altering the finish, you may have a mat repair on a shiny leather, again it will be very noticeable.

5. Once the seal is broken, the contents can dry out.

Coloured creams and balms:

1. Again a limited colour range, most are sold on the net via a colour chart, different monitors will show different shades.

2. Most warn of limitations in success and warning of potential problems caused by excessive product application.

3. They do not repair scratches, cuts or cracks, they do not fill them in, therefore the damage is still visible..

4. The colour is heavily diluted, so a few applications are needed to get a “repair”, over treating can result is dye transferring to wet clothing [perspiration].

5. Again the finish cannot be altered.

6. Further applications are required on a regular basis, especially on light colours.

7. Shelf life varies, some do not provide this information.

Scuffmaster dye kits:

1. We supply most of the UK’s largest furniture retailers and have 1000’s of colour matched dyes in stock, many will be matched to your suite, these colours are listed on our Colourbank pages, if you do not know the colour name, we can mix to a posted sample.

2. 100% coverage in 1-3 coats, covers large areas, fills in damage, invisible repairs achievable.

3. Scuffmaster dyes are concentrated, many repairs can be done with the neat dye or diluted with water.

4. The finish can be adjusted to match the sheen of your leather, even the colour can be adjusted to allow for age fading.

5. Cannot transfer to wet clothing, even if over applied.

6. No further applications are needed, especially if the leather is then looked after.

7. Shelf life of 4-5 years.

A 65ml Scuffmaster kit, when diluted with 10% water will colour in the wear on 3-4 suite cushions or creases and cracks on a whole suite. Click here to buy

A 250ml bottle of Scuffmaster dye will recolour 6 cushions and hopefully 4 arms [depending on size]. Click here to buy.

If you know leather colour’s name click here for the Furniture Colourbank listings. If you cannot find your leather colour name, we need a sample posting to our address below.

To get a sample, turn a chair up side down. Then using a screwdriver, carefully lever out some staples that hold the nylon hessian under covering in place, fold it back, there should be some spare leather available on the frame, refit the Hessian using the same staples and a hammer.

The larger the sample you send us, the better the copy will be, the sample will be returned to you. To print off the form to send with your sample please click the following options:

Furniture Sample Form

Car Sample Form

If you wish you can post a cushion cover with the foam removed, send it by recorded post and we shall return it the same way, we usually send them out within 48 hours of receiving them...

This may seem inconvenient, but the extra time and effort will prove to be worthwhile, you will have a repair product that will match your leather, often with some spare to repair any future damage or wear. So no money wasted on gambling on something that is unlikely to be your exact colour and that you'll be disappointed with.

When you run out, simply post off the sample to us again [if it’s reusable].


1 x 65ml Scuffmaster kit colour matched to you suite, with 220ml Leather GT15 Cleaner and 150ml GT11 Conditioner £25.00 usual price £28.85. Click here to buy

1 x 250ml Scuffmaster dye colour matched to your suite with 500ml GT15 Cleaner and 250ml Conditioner £36.00, usual price £39.30. Click here to buy

All include p&p and VAT.

Please note: The Scuffmaster dyes are not suitable for pure aniline leather, suede or nubuck leathers. If you want to identify your type of leather, click here for the Leather Furniture Care page.

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